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Comprehensive Dashboard

Whether you are a homeowner or board member, our simple to use dashboard has all the high priority items at your fingertips. Work orders, violations, architectural requests, projects and Key Performance Indicators help you conduct the day to day operations of your community.

Dedicated Financial Dashboard

When addressing the month to month and long term financial requirements of your association, how do you source that information. In comes our financial dashboard that breaks down the month to month expenses of your association. Full recount of delinquencies, budget performance and long term reserve component work scheduling. Save your association from needless special assessments with our financial dashboard tool.

Dedicated Legal Compliance Dashboard

Each association in the State of California must abide by Civil Code and their legal responsibilities. While management companies are here to assist, the board of directors must ensure those legal requirements are met. Foundation's legal compliance dashboard is here for that sole purpose. To ensure the association is meeting all legal requirements, this new dashboard will help your community conduct meetings (agendas/board packets/minutes), searchable motions, legal document requirements and more. The health of your community not only resides in your finances but your legal compliance. 

Detailed Homeowner/Vendor Pages

Homeowners and vendor pages are placed in a CRM based approach. Being able to drill down into specific homeowner and vendor requests help aid the board in making comprehensive decision and quickly.

Dedicated Maintenance Dashboard

Ever wonder when the last time your hot water heater was replaced? Or that your gate was fixed a few months ago but forget when? In comes our dedicated maintenance dashboard. The maintenance dashboard will include a 3D map of your property linked to specific common areas and units. Board members will have a visual representation of their property which will be linked to work orders and projects to track the history of that location. See problem areas, track projects and never lose the history of your community when board members change.

KPI's, KPI's, KPI's

How to aggregate and measure success are with key performance indicators. With KPI's, board members will be able to detect early concerning areas to address and resolve them quickly. Measuring budget stability, past due work orders, secretary of state filings, annual fire extinguisher inspections and more are all examples of important metrics to help guarantee success. We implore KPI's to aggregate all an associations data in high value interest areas to get the business of your association done.

And that is not all...

Foundation will implement many additional new features including

- Closed AI Chatbot integration
- Included SMS for all clients
- and a lot more...

The most advanced management software on the planet is here.

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